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RECON DNB -- Est. 2003. We are a collective of dedicated DJ’s and producers with roots in drum & bass and jungle. Our mission is to bring people together through music by hosting a constant roster of events that showcase international and local talent who are pushing the boundaries of DNB. We specialize in exploring fringe areas in and around the genre.


The Recon resident DJ's bring a variety of styles spanning the full spectrum of drum & bass and jungle music. You can catch our residents performing live at the best underground venues and festivals across the US, but most importantly here in our home base of Denver, Colorado. Most Recon nights are hosted at The Black Box every 2nd Saturday, but occasionally happen at other locations or dates, so please join our mailing list and follow @recondnb on socials to stay up to date on the latest info! Also be sure to check the social profiles of all residents to find out their most up to date bookings, mixes and music releases.

Residents are listed in order according to date joined.

@recondnb @maggie_despise
Original co-founder and boss of Denver’s reputable Recon DNB collective, Maggie handles the full curation and organization of all Recon events. Through Recon, she is a tastemaker, who passionately pushes the underground sounds within the genre and has debuted countless worldwide DNB artists to Colorado. Always on the hunt for those deep cuts, her sound encompasses future-jungle, halftime, footwork, minimal, and more.
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Strode Goreteks
Baloo and Strode (pictured)
Goreteks, known for their amen-heavy jungle, have been an essential member of Recon for over a decade. In addition to their residency radio slot on Jungletrain, Goreteks has released their music on several integral drum & bass labels such a Architecture, 117, Free Love Digi, Section 8, Jungle Syndicate, Noizy Drums, Eastern Promise, and Onset Audio.
Mike Shoebox
@dnbradio @shoeboxdnb
DNBRADIO | PLUSH | SECTION 8 Mike is a software engineer who launched dnbradio, a non-profit radio platform, in the early 2000\'s which helped launch 2 new record labels starting in 2007: PLUSH and SECTION 8, with a focus on unheard talent. A shoebox mix usually runs the full gamut of moods, flavors, and intensities found in jungle and drum & bass.
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ONSET AUDIO - Seattle-based, Seth is a digital artist and label owner of Onset Audio, while also doing album covers for well-known artists, labels, and events in the industry. Seth was featured in 2022 among the top visual alchemists of the Drum & Bass scene. His sound encompasses deep, dark, liquid and experimental music on the fringes of the 170 spectrum.
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Originally from Detroit, Sinistarr has mastered the craft of fast-paced music -- from curation to creation, meanwhile touring the world to perform his diverse sets tightly packed with drum & bass, juke, footwork, hip-hop, and jungle. He has been signed to an array of labels such as Metalheadz, Exit Records, 31 Recordings, Unchained, Hooversound, Architecture, Section 8, Plush, Defrostatica and more!
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After leaving Illinois, Joe Solid entered the Denver drum & bass scene throwing his own events. In 2010, he joined up with Recon as a resident DJ. Joe has also managed sound stages and rigs for some of the biggest names in electronic music. His DJ style spans a range of techy, dark, rolling DNB infused with a tinge of hip-hop and footwork.
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John Glist
A transplant from the Seattle DNB scene, Craig has made a home with Recon bringing a mixture of uplifting jungle, rollers, and upfront DNB. Well-blended and well-dropped, he has also hosted a weekly radio show "From the Void" which garnered hundreds of thousands of plays within its first year.
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A technician behind a pair of Technics SL-1200s, Marcial\'s choppy beat selections have been heard by massive audiences over the jungletrain airwaves for over a decade. Marcial\'s preferred format is vinyl for which he has an extensive collection of the latest cuts from very obscure but highly curated jungle labels which release a limited exclusive number of copies per release.
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Originally from Phoenix, Ray Jay\'s early life set him on a path towards music after which he never looked back. After moving to Colorado, DiS_1 got heavily involved with the Denver music scene, joining up with Always Be Mixing (ABM) crew, then being inducted into Recon as a resident dj, and landing a residency with Sub.mission. DiS_1 has a commanding stage presence bringing a mashup of multiple genres in a set: from jungle/drum & bass, hip-hop, and dubstep.
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DJ Contrast
Taking part in some of the earliest DnB nights in Denver, Contrast was heavily influenced by the breakdance and rave scene in the mid to late 90s. Contrast has over 2 decades of djing under his belt. Touring the midwest to west coast, and having held residencies at some of the top club nights, his style pays homage to the classics and well-known bangers while also showcasing the newest dubplates.
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A veteran in the Denver scene, Scottie has performed alongside some of the biggest acts in drum n bass. Ghost\'s style incorporates high-energy dance-floor tracks, a variety of advanced mixing techniques, and a quick intuition when it comes to track selection. Ghost can be found playing all over Colorado as a solo act or a part of his tag team collab project "Triple Threat" with Contrast & Ryan Vail.
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Our former members.

A-Tak (SF)
Automated Prayer
Axel Madden
Reckless MC (aka ATIC)
Schrapnel MC


To our fallen members.

Mike Meka-One - Co-founder, Recon
Ian D - MC, Recon
Exploring beyond occupied space.
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