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EVENT: ALIX PEREZ and SAM BINGA :: Recon & Dnbradio :: 18+

WHEN: Saturday, June 25 2016 (-74 months ago)

WHERE: Denver, CO (Recon DNB)

DOORS: 09:00 PM

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Saturday June 25, 2016

A L I X . P E R E Z
London, UK - 1985, Shogun Audio, Exit Records, Ninja Tune

Belgian born Alix Depauw is the face behind production moniker Alix Perez, now regarded as one of the most ground-breaking and innovative producer/DJ's of his time. Alix released his ?rst album with the much-revered imprint Shogun Audio. Since then Alix has collaborated with the foremost names in drum'n'bass, including Noisia, Marcus Intalex, dBridge, and Calibre just to name a few.
In 2013, along with his highly acclaimed BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Alix released his much anticipated sophomore effort 'Chroma X Chords,' also on Shogun.The album saw the ever-evolving artist achieving his singular vision of breaking down genre barriers. The reception for the album surpassed all expectations, and has rede?ned peoples' perception of Alix as a producer once again.
Alix' released the "U" EP, featuring Rashad and Spinn, in April 2014 on the highly esteemed Exit Records. Alix has been busy producing for future rap pioneers (namely "They Call Me Raptor"), which is available on Foreign Beggars' label, Par-Excellence. Alix has also produced the Modus EP (also featuring Eprom and Riko Dan) for Foreign Beggars EP which was released in October 2014.
To say the future is bright for this most proli?c of artists is a massive understatement.

S A M . B I N G A
Bristol UK - Critical, Exit, 50Weapons

Something's happening to the faster side of dance music. Maybe it's the hyperactive influence of juke's chopped-up 808s, the embrace of dubstep's half-time flow at a higher tempo or perhaps it's simply the ongoing evolution of the mutation started by dBridge and the Autonomic podcasts. Whatever the origin, that spectrum of music between 160 and 170 bpm is sounding utterly vital once again.
Sam Binga has placed himself firmly at the centre of this new wave, with releases on some of dance music's most respected underground labels - 50 Weapons, Exit and Critical. His sound spans the anthemic rowdiness of tracks like 'AYO' and 'Lef Dem', to the deeper explorations of his collaborations with Om Unit, and has attracted the attention of artists such as Zed Bias and CHVRCHES - who have both hit him up for remix work - and Kode9, who featured his tune '11th' with Addison Groove on his critically acclaimed Rinse CD.
If you're fully in the know, or if you pay attention to wider movements in the music world, you'll realise that there's some serious weight behind the Sam Binga name, with countless gigs and worldwide tours covering pretty much the whole spectrum of underground dance music under his belt. But that's not important right now: what's important is that mix of dirty-south swagger, Chi-town footwork and UK pressure people like Sam Binga are bringing to the table. Fresh, weird and strictly fire on the dance floor.

Onset, DeepN'Bass, Shift, Recon DNB

R E C O N . R E S I D E N T . W A R M U P

Hosted by: X - T S . E M C E E

18+ event

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Club Vinyl BASEMENT (Separate entrance)
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