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EVENT: Amoss (UK) and Quentin Hiatus (AZ) :: Recon & DnbRadio :: Vinyl Basement :: 18+

WHEN: Saturday, May 16 2015 (-88 months ago)

WHERE: Denver, CO (Club Vinyl)

DOORS: 09:00 PM

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Saturday May 16, 2015
Recon and Dnbradio present

UK - Dispatch Recordings : Horizons Music : Renegade Hardware

Amoss is a result of a passion for music and the lonely abandon of the Herefordshire countryside. The duo first met in 2006 and consequently decided to begin a musical partnership after sharing a bottle of Cointreau and discussing their love for Slayer. After their discovery of electronic music, they delved into the realms of Drum and Bass, quickly developing a taste for the techstep styles of Renegade Hardware and Moving Shadow. With a pair of belt-drive Numarks, copy of Ableton 5 and a few issues of Computer Music Magazine, Amoss was born.

The duo established themselves within the forefront of Drum & Bass in 2011 as ones to watch with their debut on legendary label Renegade Hardware with their tune 'Flex' on the Inception EP.

Since then, the pair have built a significant discography, releasing with some of the most forward thinking labels within Drum & Bass and receiving DJ support from the likes of Spectrasoul, Ant TC1, Doc Scott, Ulterior Motive, London Elektricity, BTK, Nymfo, DJ Storm, Loxy and many more.

Q U E N T I N . H I A T U S
AZ - Free Love Digi : Translation

Ancient and unborn sparks, hear me now as I relate the tale of the firstborn son of Quintonius, the sage you know as Quentin Hiatus. He grew in the womb as a thought in the mind, springing forth like Athena from the skull of Zeus. As a young spirit, he ran with the Wolfpack, taught each day to Ride the Snake and Jump-Off from the jagged cliffs of hesitation. Earthborn children told stories and called him Beastman, scurrying into the night in fear of him. As the years past, he cultivated the Solo System and emerged from the wild, determined to Experience the Mysterious. Guided by the great master Sophos, he mastered the art of Formtranse.

Local Support

A T I C & K A S E T
Free Love Digi, Broken Audio, Abducted LTD, Section 8

R E C O N . R E S I D E N T S

Hosted by
X - T S . E M C E E

18+ event

Presales tickets:
$5 Earlybird tickets
$10 Presales
Higher at the door.

Club Vinyl BASEMENT (Separate entrance)
1082 Broadway
Denver, CO 80203

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