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EVENT: Last Rites with Conscious Pilot | Homemade Weapons| Alex Sin | ProperSquabi | Shank Aaron| Tyro | Lily Fangz | Grym + Philliez- HALLOWEEN NIGHT!! Party goes until 5am!!!

WHEN: Friday, October 31 2014 (-94 months ago)

WHERE: Denver, CO (The Fusion Factory)

DOORS: 10:00 PM

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Last Rites

Presented by Sub.mission, Souls In Action Entertainment, Recon DNB and Rebudz Denver

Together we plan to make this a Halloween you will not forget. Each crew will book a headliner that reflects their sound. Each crew gets to showcase their residents in a time slot.

Conscious Pilot

Residing in Pennsylvania, Conscious Pilot is a Stateside producer/DJ who is known worldwide for representing the deep sounds of the underground. Early on as a D&B enthusiast he witnessed Dubstep's inception as it evolved from a dark vibe in London's UK Garage scene to its very own genre of electronic dance music. Dubstep was born, and in 2005 he joined in pushing this minimal madness to the masses.

You may already be familiar with his radio show on the award winning Sub.FM, chart topping vinyl & digital releases, and renowned performances at events. If not, you’ll soon realize he is providing his own intelligently defined style of musical sustenance for this rapidly growing community. Join Conscious Pilot on his journey as he flies under the radar of the sell-out mentality, delivering the goods to discerning bass music lovers.

Homemade Weapons
Samurai, 117 Records, Commercial Suicide, Architecture, Citrus, Intrigue, Fokuz

As a child of the 80s, Homemade Weapons witnessed the birth and growth of many musical styles, and has always favored the extreme ends of the spectrum - from frighteningly heavy to delicately soft. Having fully internalized the musical ethos of his native Baltimore/ DC, and his more recent backdrop of Seattle, WA, his music exhibits a combination of subtlety, power, and depth, rare in any genre, but much more so in the confines of Drum and Bass.
His music is presently supported by dBridge, Skeptical, Hybris, Cern, Ruffhouse, Hype, Quadrant, Dub Phizix, Clarity, Jubei, and Amit to name a few.

Alex Sin



ProperSQUABI (SunSquabi + Proper Motion), are some of the grooviest members of the Souls in Action team. Together, these bands will make you dance until sunrise with their blend of live instruments and electronic change ups. SunSquabi will be in the middle of their fall tour and stoked to be spending Halloween with their good pals. Proper Motion has great new music coming, which you may just get a sneak peak of...

Proper Motion:

-----------------------Plus a Surprise Guest! !!!!

Crew Selectors:

Shank Aaron
!Tyro Dubstep
Lily Fangz
GRYM vs Philliez

Join us as we celebrate the sins you commit inside.

You've been warned!!!


9:00- 930 TYRO
9:30-10:00 Grym vs Philliez
10:00-10:30 TYRO
10:30-11:00 Grym vs Philliez
11:00-12:00 Alex Sin
12:00 -1:30 Homemade Weapons
1:30-3:00 ProperSquabi w/Lily Fangz
3:00- 4:00 Conscious Pilot
4:30 - close Shank Aaron

Tickets on Sale Now!
50 $10 SOLD OUT
50 $15
Remainder at $20
DOS $25
This is a 21+ event.
Costumes appreciated.

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