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EVENT: Recon DNB XIII Year: Skeptical, Fracture, Remarc, Ricky Force

WHEN: Saturday, October 15 2016 (-60 months ago)

WHERE: Denver, CO (Recon DNB)

DOORS: 10:00 PM

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We are extremely excited and grateful to be celebrating 13 years of Recon DNB this coming October 15th. We have an absolutely FIRE lineup for this years festivities. Past, present and future vibes represented. RSVP to receive all the juicy details as they unfold ;) And as always, much love to all the heads that have supported us over the years. We could not do this without you <3 <3 <3


London - Astrophonica, Exit, Metalheadz, Hospital, Subtitles

Fracture is a connoisseur of fine cuisine and hot sauces. When he's not in the kitchen, he can be found running the Astrophonica label and releasing on pioneering British dance music labels such as Metalheadz and Exit Records.
As for the music Fracture makes, it isn't easily categorisable but one thing is for sure: it gets the girls moving in the dance. You can hear his blend of traditional aesthetics and new sounds in the 2012 underground smash 'Get Busy', for dBridge's Exit Records, his 2013 low slung remix of Digital & Spirit's 'Phantom Force', and the hands-in-the-air thrills of 2014's 'Loving Touch'. Fracture has also been sighted in the studio alongside likeminded contemporaries including Bristol's Sam Binga, Manchester's Chimpo, fellow veteran Kid Drama, and footwork producers Spinn & Taso (2016's Hype Tracks EP). From stripped back rhythmic workouts to sweaty dancehall riddims via emotive compositions and catchy sample flips, Fracture's music has a little of everything.

Astrophonica also embraces this open-minded ethic. Focused on releasing music across a spectrum of tempos it has been home to Dawn Day Night, Machinedrum, Om Unit, and Fracture's collaboration with Sam Binga and Rider Shafique. It's also given a platform to new talents, including the dub-wise sensibilities of Paris' Moresounds - soon recognised by the likes of Doc Scott - and the junglistic chops of Sully. Astrophonica is a home for daring artists, who share the same flair for rhythm and space, disposition for risk-taking and thirst for the new that keep Fracture moving forward.

UK - Exit, Soul:R, Ingredients, Metalheadz, Dispatch, Cylon

As a DJ and producer whose natural passion for music in all its forms eventually spilled over into a full blown production habit, Skeptical has been responsible for some of the most damaging yet delicate tracks within current drum & bass.

Skeptical made his mark with Blue Eyes EP on Ingredients Records in 2011 and has since had a slew of impeccable releases on highly esteemed imprints such as Dispatch, Metalheadz, Soul:r and Exit Records. Exit Records became the home for 'Marka', a collaboration with DubPhizix and Strategy which went on to being a cross genre track and a DJ's pick for any dance floor worldwide while racking millions of views on YouTube. Most recently Skeptical's releases schedule with Exit has been steady flowing with releases such as Imperial and Outset EP. Not shy of collaborating Skeptical is 1/5 of collective group 'Module Eight' made up of producers dBridge, Kid Drama, Loxy and Resound. Module Eight is a project of likeminded producers with no real aim but to have fun making music, it has resulted in an album being released called 'Legacy'. His collaboration track 'Move Way' with dBridge was released on the legendary R&S Records and was the first drum and bass track to come out on the record label since the year 2000. His work with various labels across the globe has seen him remix tracks from a wide range of producers such as Jubei and Jamacian reggae musician Sizzla.

Skeptical who is known for his technical Djing abilities has meant he's travelled the world to places such as Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Asia, his DJ sets have been heard in some of the most well known clubs and festivals worldwide.

London - Planet Mu, Suburban Base, Dollar, Whitehouse, Breakdown

Remarc begun his music career at 13 years of age playing reggae, rare groove and electro at house party's in and around his birth town of Brockley in south east London. At 17 he got he's first break as a DJ on the infamous Weekend Rush pirate radio station playing hardcore and through the progression into jungle. It was here that he initially made a name for himself as a DJ but only really touching a London based audience.

Most of us first heard of Remarc when the dark-side anthem Ricky was released back in '93 on his own label Dollar records. He went on to produce some of the most rinsing jungle imaginable by becoming the ultimate don of the Amen break.

UK based jungle producer and DJ, Remarc is widely proclaimed to be "king of the Amen" and " a pioneer of ragga jungle" due to his chopped up tracks for legendary labels such as Dollar, White House, Kemet, labbello blanco and Suburban Base. The majority of these tunes were compiled alongside previously unreleased dubplates for a two volume retrospective released by Planet Mu. The re-releases of these classics soon moved as many units if not more than a successful drum n bass release proving that Remarc and the Jungle sound is still an unstoppable force in the game. It also introduced him to the world of other electronic music and a new generation of Junglists and amen mashers, ultimately steering him away from the "typical" drum n bass scene and building a dedicated 2nd fan base.

With tracks appearing on over 111 releases worldwide there is no questioning that if you have not heard of Remarc, its time to open your ears to the founding father of the amen sound. For those familiar with the legend He is still spinning Jungle (oldskool and new) worldwide and has become equally known for his dj sets of undiluted jungle and his arsenal of dubplate specials.

R I C K Y . F O R C E
Dublin - Pressin' Hard, Flex, 117, AKO, Mac 2, Dsci4

Ricky Force's story began back in 1999 when he landed a guest slot on legendary Dublin pirate station POWER FM alongside Don Rosco of the Bassbin crew. It didn't take very long before he was playing out regularly around Dublin city, landing gigs with the likes of the Gappy Foundation, Studio B, Bassbin's legendary "Refuge" and becoming a well known face in the Irish Drum and Bass scene.

Ricky started producing in 2005, and by the next year already had the four-track "Aerial ep" signed to renowned net label Exegene. He never looked back and he's been busily tucked away in the lab ever since, twiddling knobs, chopping and splicing samples to his heart's content, trying to hone and perfect his sound.

Ricky has forthcoming releases and existing on the following labels; DSCi4, 36 Hertz, Jungle Syndicate, Criminal, Voodoo, Ruff Revival, Danger Chamber, Pinecone Moonshine, Audio Buffet, Absys, Omni Music. And as of September 2012, his very own label - Pressin' Hard Records - with two tracks, Dublin 1 and You'll Never Know, co-written with Mecca. Pressing 100 limited vinyl 12's which sold out in just over a week. Giving way to the second release in May 2013 with two more tracks, Celestial and Falling. This time, selling out in less than a week. Big plans for 003 are in motion and about to drop very soon. Watch out for merchandise and exclusive remixes for Remarc, Randall and Intense. Keep those peepers peeled.

DJ support: Randall, Bailey, Equinox, Remarc and all the true Junglist soldiers.

R E C O N . R E S I D E N T S

Hosted by: X - T S . E M C E E

21+ event
10PM - 5AM

Sound provided by FAZE 2 Audio
Visual provided by Lucid Visions Video
Photobooth Autonama by

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